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Fed up with mediocre wash results from your dishwasher? Look no further than the AEG F87000P dishwasher. It boasts a ProClean® satellite spray arm that reaches every corner of the dishes in the basket to deliver sparkling results - 15% more coverage in fact, but using 10% less water. And have you ever wished that the baskets in your current machine were more adaptable to your pots and pans? This is because - believe it or not - most manufacturers are still making dishwashers based on how people lived 30 years ago. What constitutes a ‘place setting’ was defined in the 1970s and hasn’t been updated since, and is still being used to design basket layouts and spray positions today. Fortunately, the AEG F87000P boasts an extra large interior capacity with 10 litres more loadable volume enabling it to wash large dishes, big pots and plates of up to 34cm with ease. A unique ‘waveform’ basket with extremely flexible layout options lets you load the dishwasher how you want. And when the washing is over, the DryTech drying cycle takes over to ensure perfect drying - removing any condensation to prevent drips from spoiling the wash results. Triple A-rated for energy efficiency, washing and cleaning performance, this exceptionally quiet machine features Sensor logic, which means just the right amount of water and detergent is used. Another energy saving enhancement is the ‘Auto Off’ function which turns the dishwasher off after the cycle has finished, ensuring the F87000P isn’t using any power at all once the programme is over. The 7 programmes include two quick wash programmes, each of which is A-rated. The four place Quick Wash can have the supper dishes back on the table in 30 minutes - just in time for sweet course! The full load quick wash - for lightly soiled items - takes less than an hour.



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