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Please note: A décor door panel is not included. Your kitchen supplier will be able to supply a door panel for this appliance to match your kitchen units. Rated an exemplary A+ for energy, the Miele F9552i integrated freezer sits in your tall housing unit, completely complementing your kitchen, with a SoftClose door mechanism designed to stop the door at the last moment, leaving it to gently close on its own. The 6 drawers are transparent so you can easily see what’s inside, while the removable glass plates in between make it straightforward to allow them to accommodate much larger items. There’s also an additional shallow depth shelf at the top, useful for freezing small items such as berries and vegetables. They can be frozen individually and therefore maintain their shape when defrosted. A visual and acoustic alarm alerts you to any internal rises in temperature, an indicator showing you if there’s been a power failure in your absence. Includes 1 ice cube tray and 1 cool pack. Finally, the door can be reversed to suit your kitchen layout.



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