Globus Physioplate FIT Professional Vibration Platform

The Globus Physioplate Fit has many unique features and it is the perfect machine for gyms which provides sports training at high levels. It can also play an important part in rehabilitation therapy as well as satisfying sports, beauty, wellness and fitness requirements. The Key product features of The Globus Physioplate Fit are: *A large LCD screen with Touch-Screen technology for an easy and intuitive selection of programs. *In built Personal Trainer – select the area of the body to treat and the machine will automatically suggests protocols and exercise positions which can be based on preset objectives. *The pictures provided illustrate correct body positioning on the plate and the key muscles to be worked *Vertical vibration *Option for Physio Key Kit – which allows the user to create specific personal training programs. This feature is ideal for Health Centres as it allows for unsupervised use and client’s sessions management.