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BUY NOW BEFORE THE VAT INCREASE! ALL POWERPLATE PRICES ARE GOING UP ON 4TH JANUARY The Power Plate pro5 AIRdaptive model provides the largest range of settings and adapts to more users than any other Power Plate machine from heavier individuals or high intensity trainers, to users who are light-weight or in a fragile condition. The PowerPlate pro5 AIRdaptive unit is distinguished by its ability to adapt the most to meet your needs, with 100 lbs. / 45 kg of extra load-bearing capacity and three air settings. In the home, this machine is ideal for a family with multiple users, each with different health and wellness goals. FREE ACCESSORY PACK WITH POWER PLATE PRO5 AIRDAPTIVE Please just add the bundle at the bottom of the page and we will automatically send you a free accessory pack



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