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The Globus Physio Wave 700 is a professional vibration plate, the effects are felt through the whole body's tissues and is designed for both the commercial environment and for the fitness enthusiast in the home. The Globus Physio Wave 700 key product features are: *Easy-to-use, unique Touch Screen display for simple and quick,menu selection *In built Personal Trainer you simply select the area of the body to treat and the machine automatically suggests exercise positions based on preset objectives. * The product is ready for immediate use and the personal trainer eliminates the need for instruction courses and complicated manuals *There is an option to program new protocols by setting up parameters, for example frequency, number of cycles, rest time, work time etc *There are pictures which illustrate correct body positioning on the plate and muscles to be worked * The plate boasts side-to-side vibration *There is an option available for Physio Key Kit - which allows Health Centres and Clubs to procide unsupervised use and manage client's sessions



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